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Welcome to the African Community on Assistive Technology (ACAT) community.

The African region and its people have untapped knowledge on AT that can assist people living on the African continent as well as the global population. Africans hold the answers to overcoming challenges due to climate extremes, harsh environments, population dispersion, infrastructure limitations and a shortage of resources.

With ACAT we want to foster sharing of ideas, discussion, and the building of partnerships around AT. ACAT wants to connect, support, and inform AT users, practitioners, researchers, funders/donors, suppliers, manufacturers and supporters in the African region and further afield.

In this way ACAT wants to contribute to realising the GATE vision of a world where everyone in need has high-quality, affordable assistive products to lead a healthy, productive and dignified life. The idea of ACAT was born during the WHO GREAT summit of 2017). In 2018 the Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) offered its community of practice resources to African colleagues. ACAT resulted.

We need your active participation for the ACAT community to grow, and to progress AT in Africa.

ACAT is associated with the Global Alliance of AT Organisations (GAATO) which aims to grow and support a global network of AT communities of practice to improve access to AT for everyone, everywhere. Through GAATO, Africa’s knowledge on AT informs the world.

Surona Visagie and Nicky Seymour for the ACAT team

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